Title: Life Cycle of a Fly
  • present in clumps of up to 300
  • laying to hatching takes 1 day

Life Cycle of Fly

Larva - 1st instar
  • initially feeds on fluid exuded from the body
  • migrates into body
  • hatching to first moult takes 1 day

Larva - 2nd instar

  • moves around in maggot mass
  • first moult to second moult takes 1 day

Larva - 3rd instar

  • still moves in mass
  • greatly increases in size
  • second moult to pre-pupa takes 2 days
Life Cycle of Fly

  • migrates away from the corpse seeking a suitable pupation site, (usually in soil)
  • does not feed
  • transforms into pupa
  • pre-pupa to pupa takes 4 days


  • resides within puparium
  • undergoes transformation from larval body form adult fly
  • does not feed
  • pupa to emergence takes 10 days

Adult fly
  • mates on emergence from pupa
  • feeds on protein from body fluids
  • lays eggs on corpse
  • emergence to egg laying takes 2 days
The Fly
These development times are generalised. They vary depending on the species and the temperature.
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