Title: Life as a journey

Life as a journey

  • Life is not a race. It is a journey. 
  • Getting some place first, before anyone else, has very little real and lasting meaning. Seek instead to encourage others to come along, and you'll find the journey much more fulfilling.
  • When you hurry through each moment, you miss out on the richness that Life as a Journeycould be yours. Take the time to live, to
  • experience where you are, rather than being so obsessed with getting to the next checkpoint. 
  • When you stop demanding to have it all now, you'll discover that you have plenty already. Learn to experience little  joy where you are, and you'll experience it in abundance.  
  • Yes, it can be wonderfully exhilarating when life is moving quickly. But do not move so quickly that speed becomes your only experience, for there is so much more to enjoy.  
  • The terrain of life is filled with wonderful and astounding detail. Slow down and take in its richness
Authored by: Rahul Bhanot on Tue, Jul 10th, 2007 at 12:00 AM
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